Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Greetings

Irish Dominican Vocations wishes all readers of this blog a blessed Easter. Our prayer for all involved in the work of promoting and fostering vocations to the friars of the Irish Dominican friars is that all will be renewed in mind and body as we seek to discover the call of the Lord to our hearts.

Irish Dominican Vocations would also like to thank the very many people who sent Easter wishes - know that you intentions are prayed for in return.

The season of Easter is an important time for those who are considering a vocation - during this time of the year candidates are in the process of making decisions about their future plans. May the Risen Lord direct and guide them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saint Dominic - Light of the Church....

A dramatic video about Saint Dominic which highlights why the Dominican Order was founded with the words of the 'O Lumen Ecclesiae' (O Light of the Church) - the traditional hymn in honour of Saint Dominic.

As English Dominican fr Simon Tugwell OP puts it in his brief history of Saint Dominic: "In one sense, the life of  Dominic in this world ended in August 1221, though his memory lives on in the hearts of his family of friars and nins, sisters and laity. But in another sense, the world still hears his voice, even if it does not recognise it as his. As Saint Catherine of Siena says, 'The voice of Dominic's preaching is still heard today and will continue to be heard' in the preaching of his followers. The great idea that Dominic launched in his lifetime confronts men and women in the church and far beyond the limits of the church in the works of people like Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Albert the Great, Saint Catherine of Siena, Blessed Fra Angelico, Bartolome de las Casas, Saint Martin de Porres and a host of others who have in their different ways influenced the life of thought and piety of the church and the world." (Saint Dominic and the Order of Preachers, SimonTugwell OP, Dominican Publications, Dublin, 2001)

Video of diaconate ordinations of Irish Dominican friars

The video above is of the recent diaconate ordinations of our brothers Colm Mannion OP, Matthew Martinez OP and Luuk Jansen OP which took place in Saint Saviour's church, Dominick Street in Dublin.

Please pray for our brothers as they continue on their path to priesthood and pray also for our brothers in formation.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vocations prayer initiative reaches Waterford

 Visitors to Saint Saviour's Church, Bridge Street, Waterford with the icon of Saint Dominic today.

Our ongoing prayer initiative for Dominican vocations using the specially commissioned icon of Saint Dominic moved to Waterford this weekend. The Dominican community at Saint Saviour's priory, Bridge Street in Waterford city will now keep the icon as a focus of prayer for the next month or so in their church.

The vocations director preached at all of the Sunday masses in Saint Saviour's this weekend and encouraged the large crowds attending to take up the invitation and challenge to pray for vocations to the Dominican way of life. Many people commented on the initiative favourably and indicated that there is already a long history of prayer for vocations to the Order in this Waterford church.

One of the purposes of this ongoing prayer initiative for vocations is to broaden the base of prayer for vocations. It is clear from this visit to Waterford this weekend that this invitation is being taken up by many more people. This is very heartening indeed.

In early April, the icon and the prayer campaign will move to the nearby Saint Saviour's parish church in the Waterford suburb of Ballybeg which is under the care of the Dominican friars.

A sincere thanks to all for the warm welcome to Waterford!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dominican Family Vocations Day 2013

Now that the fifth annual Dominican family vocations day has concluded for another year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in the day. There were 20 men and women who came today (Saturday March 2nd) to learn more about the the four branches of the Dominican family - the lay Dominicans, friars, enclosed nuns and apostolic sisters. It was a great joy for us to host them here in Saint Saviour's, Dublin and to be part of their ongoing journey of discernment.

Special thanks to all those who spoke on behalf of the four branches of the Dominican family and related their vocation stories - Sr M Cathy Howard OP (Dominican nuns, Drogheda), Sr Paidrigin McKenna (Cabra Dominican sisters) Mr Donal Ryan (Lay Dominicans) and Br David McGovern OP (friars). The quality of all four inputs from these speakers was excellent.

Our deep gratitude goes to Dr Andrew O' Connell (communications director of the Presentation Brothers) for his keynote input on vocational discernment.

Finally, to the other members of the organising team - Sr Kathleen Fitzsimons, Patricia Kelly and Sr Mairead Mullen - thanks also for the hard work and dedication. We we warmly hosted by the friars of my own community of Saint Saviour's in Dublin to whom we owe a debt of thanks to the prior Fr Eddie Conway OP.

We're looking forward to next year already!