Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The power of prayer

We had a gathering of a large number of Dominican friars of the Irish province in St. Mary's Priory, Tallaght recently to discuss (as part of our ongoing formation) the importance of prayer in our lives. It was organised by our promoter for ongoing formation in the Irish province, fr. Ronan Cusack OP. The meeting consisted of inputs on an evening before a full day of prayer and reflection for those who wished to take part - a mini-retreat of sorts!

One of the inputs was given by two Dominican nuns from Siena monastery in Drogheda, Co. Louth. In a powerful and moving presentation, both sisters gave us a rare insight into the singular importance of prayer in their daily living. In listening to them, it was so very evident that their prayer permeated every aspect of their religious life. But it was the naturalness of it all for these contemplative nuns that struck me most. I felt humbled.

I shouldn't have been surprised though. I fell the power of their prayer very profoundly in my own ministry of vocations promotion. I know I would be less well off without their prayer!

There's good news for the nuns too - one of the novice sisters makes first profession on May 31st. We could return a prayer in thanksgiving for this great event in the life of Monastery of Saint Catherine of Siena, Drogheda. May God bless them.
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