Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laois Dominican nun makes final profession in Siena Convent Drogheda, Co Louth

Sr M Teresa prostrates before the altar before making profession and seeks the mercy of God

There was great joy and delight for the enclosed Dominican nuns who are based in Drogheda, Co. Louth, and for the wider Dominican family in Ireland today as Sr Mary Teresa Dunphy OP made her solemn profession.
I, Sister Mary Teresa Dunphy make profession, and promise obedience to God...........that I will be obedient to you and your successors, until death.

Final profession, called "solemn profession" among Dominicans, is the final commitment a men or woman makes to remaining a Dominican brother or sister for life.

Originally from County Laois, Sr M.Teresa entered the Dominican monastery in 2005 at the age of 26, after having qualified and worked as a chartered accountant.

She and the Dominican community of nuns Drogheda, Co Louth were joined by family, friends and members of the Dominican Order for 12.30 p.m.  Mass during which the profession ceremony took place.

Sister M.Teresa is the second Dominican nun to make solemn profession in her monastery in 13 months, Sr Niamh Muireann Galvin having made solemn profession in 2010. The monastery currently has one sister in formation as a novice.
Left to right: Sr Breda Caroll OP (prioress), Sr Mary Teresa, Sr Mairead Mullen (novice mistress)
Sr Mary Teresa with her parents
Sr Mary Teresa with her brothers and sister
For more information about the Irish Dominican contemplative nuns, see their website and their blog:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Interviews for admission to Novitiate 2011

 (picture posed)

Interviews for admission to the novitiate of the Irish Dominicans take place during this week beginning Monday 20th June in Saint Mary's Priory, Tallaght, Co Dublin. Those who have applied are from both Ireland and Trinidad where the Irish Dominicans currently have a presence. Some professional assessments have already occurred and interview by the admissions board of the province will take a few days.

Please pray for those applying to join the Irish Dominicans' novitiate in Cork.

Prayer for Dominican Vocations: Lord Jesus, as once you called saint Dominic to preach the Gospel, so now send new preachers into your harvest. Give them courage, wisdom and grace to make them witnesses of your death, resurrection and return in glory. Through the intercession of Mary, patroness of the Order, may they bring true faith and light to brighten the darkness. You who live for ever. Amen.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Master of the Order visits student house at Saint Saviour's, Dublin

 Our student brothers with the Master of the Order (click on photo to enlarge)

Front row left to right: Darragh McNally OP, Brian Doyle OP, Ronan Connolly OP, Bruno Cadore OP, Denis Murphy OP, Stephen Jones OP, David McGovern OP
Middle row left to right: James Cassidy OP, Eoin Casey OP, Maurice Colgan OP, Colm Mannion OP, Matthew Martinez OP, Conor McDonough OP
Back row left to right: Patrick Desmond OP, Damian Polly OP, Luuk Jansen OP

 The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadore OP, is making an informal visit to some of the communities in the Irish Dominican province. His brief itinerary sees him visiting both formation communities of the province in Dublin and Cork, as well as a short visit to the Dominican contemplative nuns in Drogheda. Today, he had an opportunity to meet with the student brothers of the province and the community as well. The picture shows our student brothers pose for a photograph with the fr Bruno today.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Vocations Video - English Dominican Friars

Congratulations to our brothers of the English Dominican province who have just produced this very fine vocation/promotional video depicting the four aspects of Dominican life - prayer, study, community and mission.

For more information on the English Dominicans, please visit their website here and the excellent blog of their student brothers Godzdogz

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Study and Contemplation in the Dominican Order

Many of the enquiries to the Vocations office of the Irish Dominican friars are concerned about the role of study and contemplation in the Dominican tradition. I recently came across this excellent brief talk by the late fr Kurt Pritzl OP, who was then the dean of the school of philosophy at the Catholic University of America. Well worth a look and a listen!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

World Communications Day 2011

To mark World Communications Day, Pope Benedict has chosen the theme Truth, proclamation and authenticity of life in the digital age as the core of his message for this year.

In his message, the Pope says that the emergence of the internet as a network for communication is like the Industrial Revolution that brought about a profound transformation in society with modifications in cycles of production and the lives of workers. "So today, the radical changes taking place in communications are guiding significant cultural and social developments.  The new technologies are not only changing the way we communicate, but communication itself, so much so that it could be said that we are living through a period of vast cultural transformation.” "This means of spreading information and knowledge is giving birth to a new way of learning and thinking, with unprecedented opportunities for establishing relationships and building fellowship,” states the Pope.

The Pope explains that there is, “a Christian way of being present in the digital world” and this is communicating in a way that is honest and open, responsible and respectful of others.  “To proclaim the Gospel through the new media means not only to insert expressly religious content into different media platforms, but also to witness consistently, in one’s own digital profile and in the way one communicates choices, preferences and judgements that are fully consistent with the Gospel, even when it is not spoken of specifically,” states the Pope.