Thursday, September 29, 2011

Videos of recent Dominican events

The team at Dominicans Interactive have produced  high quality videos of some of the recent events celebrated by the Irish Dominican friars. This first video shows the reception in the Order of five men in Saint Mary's Priory, Cork on September 14th last and also there is footage of the first profession of Br Paul Hughes OP.

The second video shows the ordinations of Fr Denis Murphy OP and Fr Maurice Colgan OP at Saint Saviour's Dominican church, Dublin on September 19th

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Healthy year for religious vocations in Ireland

In a time when vocations are not high on the agenda in Ireland, it is more than heartening to observe some new life when it comes to the male religious orders in Ireland. Even though the numbers may appear small to observers, the new trickle of vocations might yet signal a renewal of some kind. The old adage that 'vocations attract vocations' could well be responsible for the slight rise in new entrants this autumn. I am aware that this news item only carries news about male religious that I know of and makes no reference to female religious orders and their entrants. I would be grateful for any news about this so that balance can be maintained.

 In the meantime, our fraternal wishes go to our Franciscan brothers who recently celebrated a first profession and weclomed pre-novices to their province. They are pictured above.
Our congratulations also to our Capuchin brothers who recently received the first profession of Br Liam Quinn - pictured above. May our holy father Saint Francis guide him and the Capuchins in Ireland.
The Benedictines in Glenstal Abbey (pictured above) in the past two weeks received the first (simple) monastic profession of Br Emmaus O' Herlihy and also received Bro Jacob (James Leonard) as a novice in their community. Our best wishes to them.
Recently two Irish Pallotines, Patrick Carroll and Sean Jones renewed their Pallotine consecration during a ceremony in their Dundrum community. The Pallotines have a number of men in formation.

As has already been documented widely in the media at the end of August, 22 men joined the National seminary in Maynooth - a moderate rise on the 2010 figure.

As the new academic year begins, please keep all these men in your prayers as they try to discover where the Lord is calling them to as they follow the different paths that they have been called to.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two New Priests

The Dominicans in Ireland celebrated in Dublin today, Sunday 18th September, with the ordination of two of our brothers as priests.

The archbishop of Dublin, Most Revd Diarmuid Martin, ordained the two Dominican friars in the celebration which was attended by many Dominican friars, family and friends of the two brothers and parishioners of Dominick Street parish.

This solemn celebration brought the number of priestly ordinations for the Irish Dominicans this month to three, following that of Brian Doyle, o.p., in Murrintown, County Wexford on 3rd September by the bishop of Ferns, Most Rev Denis Brennan.

Fr Denis Murphy is originally from Graine, near Urlingford, County Kilkenny and is a graduate of Carlow College.

Fr Maurice Colgan is from Edenmore parish, north Dublin, and worked for many years in social services before joining the Order.

Below are some images of the ordination ceremony.

Brothers Denis and Maurice lying prostrate before the altar as the Litany of the Saints is chanted.

 The archbishop lays hands on Brother Denis.

The archbishop lays hands on Brother Maurice.

The prayer of consecration: the brothers kneel before the archbishop while all the priests stretch out their hands towards those being ordained.

 Father Denis' hands are anointed with the oil of chrism.

 Father Maurice is presented with the bread and wine for the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

Fathers Denis and Maurice concelebrate Mass with the archbishop - their first time celebrating Mass. 

To read the archbishop's homily, see the Dublin Diocesan website:
Media are welcome to use these images once they are credited to Irish Dominican Vocations blog. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Irish Dominicans celebrate first professions

Left to right: Fr Philip McShane OP (novice master), Bro Paul Hughes OP and Bro Alan Hopkins OP

The Irish Dominican province has reason to rejoice again today as two of its brothers have made first (or simple) profession in the past twenty four hours. Yesterday evening (September 14th) during solemn vespers in Saint Mary's Dominican church in Cork, Brother Alan Hopkins made first profession. Brother Alan who hails from Tallaght had originally joined the Order in 2002 and rejoined the province last year. We wish Alan every blessing as he begins this new phase of his Dominican life.

Then today, during the conventual Mass Brother Paul Hughes made his first profession in the hands of the prior provincial Fr Pat Lucey OP. Bro Paul has completed his novitiate year and now moves to our house of studies at Saint Saviour's, Dublin. Paul is originally from County Westmeath but has lived in the UK for the past number of years prior to joining the Order. We wish Paul every blessing also.

These are joyful days for the Irish Dominicans and we ask you to keep our brothers Paul and Alan in your prayers and we ask you to continue to pray for vocations to the friars of the province.

As always, bloggers and other media are welcome to use the images in this blog post as long as they are credited to Irish Dominican vocations blog'

Below are some images from the simple professions of our brothers:

Brother Alan Hopkins OP makes first profession

Brother Paul Hughes OP makes first profession in the hands of the prior provincial

Saint Mary's Dominican church, Cork where both professions took place

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Irish Dominicans receive five new novices

September 14th, the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, is also the feast of the Irish Dominican province. It is on this day that traditionally new novices are received into the Order. In keeping with that tradition, today the Irish Dominican friars received five novices in a ceremony of clothing during the conventual Mass in Saint Mary's Dominican church, Pope's Quay Cork.

The five novices received today are Gerard Flynn, Kevin O' Reilly, Fr Murchadh O Madagain, Christophe Cole and Sean Crepin.

Gerard Flynn is originally from Clonmel in Co Tipperary. Before joining the Order he has been lecturing in a teacher training college in Dublin. He has recently completed a doctorate in theology.

Kevin O Reilly from Dublin has been lecturing in philosophy both in Ireland and overseas for some years.

Fr Murchadh O Madagain is a priest of the Galway diocese and has held various positions in that diocese. He holds a doctorate in theology (spirituality) from the Dominican university in Rome - the 'Angelicum'.

Christophe Cole is from Trinidad where the Irish Dominicans have had a presence for over 100 years. He is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and has been working in the communications for the diocese of Port of Spain in recent years.

Sean Crepin, also from Trinidad has attended the University of the West Indies and in recent years has held a teaching post.

The Irish Dominicans anticipate receiving one further novice in the coming weeks bringing to 6 the number of novices for the province in 2011-12.

Irish Dominican Vocations wishes our new brother novices every blessing in the year ahead as they take the first steps in their Dominican formation. Please pray for them and for vocations to the friars of the Irish Dominican province.

Bloggers and other media are very welcome to use the images in this blog post, but are asked to credit Irish Dominican Vocations blog

Below are some images from the clothing ceremony today:

The five postulants prostrate themselves prior to receiving the habit of the Order
Gerard Flynn is clothed by the prior provincial
Kevin O Reilly receives the habit of the Order
Fr Murchadh O Madagain is clothed
Christophe Cole receives his habit
The prior provincial clothes Sean Crepin
The rosaries of the five new novices are blessed

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Solemn Profession of Colm Mannion OP and Luuk Jansen OP

Our newly solemnly professed brothers for 2011 (left to right) Bro Matthew Martinez OP, Bro Luuk Jansen OP and Bro Colm Mannion OP

The Irish Dominican friars celebrated the solemn (or final) profession of two of its brothers today in Dublin. Brothers Colm Mannion OP and Luuk Jansen OP made profession during the celebration of the conventual eucharist in Saint Saviour's Dominican church in Dominick Street, Dublin. Both of our brothers making profession were joined by their families, friends and members of the Dominican family at the celebration. Brothers Colm and Luuk join Bro Matthew Martinez (also of the Irish Domincan province) who also made solemn profession two weeks ago. Irish Dominican Vocations wishes our newly solemnly professed brothers every blessing as they continue on their path in the Dominican way of life. Please pray for our brothers and for vocations to the Irish Dominican friars.

Below is a sample of some images from the profession ceremony today. Bloggers and other media are welcome to use these images, but please credit the Irish Dominican vocations blog: 

Please see also an account of the professions on our vocations website

Bro Luuk Jansen OP
Bro Colm Mannion OP

The gospel is proclaimed by the deacon Bro Maurice Colgan OP
Brothers Luuk and Colm prostrate themselves prior to making profession
Bro Colm Mannion makes profession '......until death.'
Bro Luuk Jansen makes solemn profession in the hands of the prior provincial

Brothers Luuk and Colm kneel before the provincial for the prayer after profession
A view from the sanctuary in Saint Saviour's Dominican church during the profession ceremony

Please click on the images to view larger versions

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dominican images from around the world.....

Some interesting pictures from the provinces of Dominican friars around the world.....

and some words on Dominican spirituality....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ordination of Fr Brian Doyle OP

The friars of the Irish Dominican province rejoice in the ordination to the priesthood of our brother Brian Doyle OP. Fr Brian was joined by his family, friends, priests of the Ferns diocese and his Dominican brethren at the ordination ceremony in the church of Saint Catherine, Murrintown, Co. Wexford. The bishop of Ferns, Dr Denis Brennan was the ordaining prelate. This is the first of three priestly ordinations for the Irish Dominicans during the month of September as our brothers Maurice Colgan OP and Denis Murphy OP will also be ordained priests in two weeks time.

Irish Dominican Vocations takes this opportunity to congratulate Fr Brian on his ordination and wishes him every blessing in the years ahead of priestly ministry and asks you our readers to continue to pray for vocations for our province.

Below are some images of the ordination ceremony. Bloggers and other media are welcome to use the images, but please credit

Please also visit

Bro Brian Doyle OP

Bro Brian promising obedience to his own ordinary, through Bishop Brennan
Br Brian lays prostrate before the altar while the saints are invoked

Fr Jim Doyle lays hands on his brother's head

Fr Brian's hands are anointed with the sacred chrism

"Peace be with you"

 Fr Brian pictured with the bishop of Ferns, Most Revd Denis Brennan, and assisting deacon Br Denis Murphy, o.p.

Fr Brian with his parents Joan and Brian

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vocation News from Trinidad and Tobago

A quick note with some brief reflections from Trinidad. I leave here in a few hours having spent eight days in the company of my Dominican brethren of the vicariate here, and to attend the solem profession of Matthew Martinez OP. Both were very enjoyable experiences.

I was particularly delighted to have some time with the vocations director for our vicariate here - fr Dwight Black OP. Dwight is beginning his second term as vocations director. He has done an outstanding job for the promotion of vocations here and has raised the profile of the Order in a new way. He is, of course, getting results too. It was great to hear of his plans over the next number of years. I look forward to working closely with him in the time ahead.

I have been resident with the brethren in St Finbar's priory. The church attached to the priory is a parish church but also a church that is deeply Dominican. It was so encouraging to hear the large congregations each morning to pray after Mass for Dominican vocations. As a vocations director, you have no idea how humbling an experience that is. The Order is indebted to the many, many people who pray regularly for vocations. Their prayers are being answered!

Being thousands of miles from home does not mean that the work stops! Here is an interesting piece of information for you: last month (August 2011) saw the highest number of enquiries about vocations to the Dominicans in Ireland since I became vocations director eleven years ago. There have been 12 new enquiries in August - that's unprecedented. The only other comparable month was September 2008 when there were 8 new enquiries. The average number of enquiries to the vocations office each year is 60.

Now that September has begun, another new year of vocations ministry takes off. With the help of your prayers, and through the intercession of Saint Dominic, may it be a fruitful one.