Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Healthy year for religious vocations in Ireland

In a time when vocations are not high on the agenda in Ireland, it is more than heartening to observe some new life when it comes to the male religious orders in Ireland. Even though the numbers may appear small to observers, the new trickle of vocations might yet signal a renewal of some kind. The old adage that 'vocations attract vocations' could well be responsible for the slight rise in new entrants this autumn. I am aware that this news item only carries news about male religious that I know of and makes no reference to female religious orders and their entrants. I would be grateful for any news about this so that balance can be maintained.

 In the meantime, our fraternal wishes go to our Franciscan brothers who recently celebrated a first profession and weclomed pre-novices to their province. They are pictured above.
Our congratulations also to our Capuchin brothers who recently received the first profession of Br Liam Quinn - pictured above. May our holy father Saint Francis guide him and the Capuchins in Ireland.
The Benedictines in Glenstal Abbey (pictured above) in the past two weeks received the first (simple) monastic profession of Br Emmaus O' Herlihy and also received Bro Jacob (James Leonard) as a novice in their community. Our best wishes to them.
Recently two Irish Pallotines, Patrick Carroll and Sean Jones renewed their Pallotine consecration during a ceremony in their Dundrum community. The Pallotines have a number of men in formation.

As has already been documented widely in the media at the end of August, 22 men joined the National seminary in Maynooth - a moderate rise on the 2010 figure.

As the new academic year begins, please keep all these men in your prayers as they try to discover where the Lord is calling them to as they follow the different paths that they have been called to.

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