Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Greetings

Irish Dominican Vocations would like, somewhat belatedly, to wish all readers of this blog the joy and blessings of the Christmas season.

In so doing, I am mindful of the very many people who have assisted with the work of promoting vocations to the friars of the Irish Dominican province during the past year. They are far too numerous to mention and I thank them sincerely. I would. however, like to thank particularly the ever increasing numbers of  people who have taken on the task and responsibility to pray for Dominican vocations in the past twelve months.

The Irish Dominicans have been generously blessed by God during 2012, and we pray that the Lord will continue to do so in the year ahead.

Happy Christmas again, and God Bless.

Fr Gerard OP

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dominican Connect - Christmas/January edition

A special edition of Dominican Connect from the vocations office of the Irish Dominican friars has been published. This 'bumper' issue for Christmas 2012/January 2013, running to eight pages carries reviews of the year that is coming to a close, highlights the icon of Saint Dominic which is being used for the promotion of Dominican vocations, features an insight into the daily life of our student brothers and much more.

Dominican Connect has made extra copies available for the Christmas season in all our churches and centres throughout Ireland. It is also possible to download an electronic copy at

Irish Dominican Vocations would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the production of Dominican Connect since it first appeared in September of this year. This fifth edition is one not to be missed.

If you would like to receive a copy of Dominican Connect each month by email, please contact us at

Monday, December 17, 2012

Poor Clares Galway on RTE Radio

Members of the Poor Clare community, Galway with Miriam O' Callaghan of RTE
The Poor Clare nuns have been in Galway since 1642 and have survived persecution and other calamities over the past 380 years. In 1825, they returned to 'Nun's Island' in the heart of the city after over a century of being forced to live in other locations. They have been there ever since.

This community is held in high regard and esteem by the people of the city of Galway. Their constant presence and the contribution of the Poor Clares to the spiritual well-being of the city is deeply valued - as is the case when communities of contemplative men and women are established in villages, towns and cities throughout Ireland and elsewhere.

Recently two of the sisters, Sr Colette and Sr Anthony gave an interview to Miriam O' Callaghan for the popular radio programme 'Miriam Meets...'. The sisters are joined by Sr Colette's blood sister too and the interview gives a real sense of the importance of contemplative life and the joy that can be had from living this particular vocation. It's a great interview, with a lot of humour and laughter, but through it all you get the sense of the profound call of God in the life of the community. In giving this interview, the Poor Clares are doing a great service for all contemplative communities in highlighting their vocation. You can listen to the piece by clicking here.
The sisters have also published a book in recent weeks. Entitled 'Calm the Soul: Meditations and Prayers for Everyday Life' the new publication looks at ways we can incorporate prayer into our lives. They recognise that in today's busy world, we can neglect our souls focussing instead on the mind and body. Using their simple prayer ideas and meditations we can learn to speak to God in a direct way to bring him to our everyday lives. With practical advice for preparing for prayer from creating a suitable atmosphere in a quiet room with candles, to the importance of embracing moments of silence into our everyday lives so we become more aware of our surroundings and of the world God created, they look at the different ways you can incorporate prayer into your everyday lives to enrich and nourish the soul. It is available in all good bookshops in Ireland and is a best seller this Christmas - and would make a good Christmas gift!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

God Calls, Dominicans, Habits and YouTube!

A chance conversation with a young woman who is preparing to become a lay Dominican in the near future alerted me to a fine article in one of the world's best known lifestyle magazines for women. Marie Claire (the United States version) carries a very good article on a young Dominican nun who has joined the cloistered community in Summit, New Jersey in the United States. The eye-catching title of the article 'God called me on YouTube' tells a modern day vocation story. Sr Mary Teresa is prompted to think of her vocation while watching a YouTube clip, and ends up as a cloistered Dominican nun. However, despite the attractive title of the article, the fundamentals of a religious vocation are highlighted - prayer, a deep sense of a relationship with God, the call to be of service and to give oneself totally to God are all covered. You can see the article here.

Many religious orders nowadays are using social media to try and attract interest in their way of life and as a method of attracting vocations. Pope Benedict has been extolling the virtues of responsible use of social media in the past few years and will, as has been widely publicised, begin tweeting from December 12th next. The vocations office for the Irish Dominican friars continues to receive over 90% of its enquiries through our vocations website, blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts. We can not afford to underestimate the power and usefulness of these forms of communication.

These tools of communication help with presenting religious vocation as a viable and attractive option for those who engage with them. The social media sites can also be informative and educational about religious life too. This YouTube clip below from the brothers of the Western Dominican province in the United States gives a great insight into the Dominican habit. Enjoy!

Great news for Irish lay Dominicans

Lisa Hanna and Francis McCaughan who made lifetime promises as lay Dominicans in Belfast
The lay Dominican movement in Ireland is growing. In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in new membership to this important Dominican vocation. Readers of this blog will be aware that the lay Dominicans are an integral part of the Dominican family worldwide. The 'family' also includes the apostolic sisters, friars and contemplative nuns.
In the past year a new 'chapter' of lay Dominicans was formed in Belfast - under the patronage of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. The new chapter is based at the Catholic chaplaincy at Queens University, Belfast. The founding members Lisa Hanna and Francis McCaughan yesterday made their 'life' promises as lay Dominicans during the celebration of the Eucharist at the chaplaincy. The Frassati chapter have as its apostolate (or mission) preaching through the reflective reading of church documents and Dominican texts. They meet regularly and pray the Divine Office in the chaplaincy during the week. The chapter has also embarked on a series of ambitious projects during the Year of Faith. Continuing with the good news theme, the chapter will soon increase in size substantially as there are three people currently undergoing a formation programme as part of their initiation into the life of this new chapter.
Michael Joyce, Fr Louis Hughes OP (prior, Black Abbey, Kilkenny) and Damian McDonnell after Michael and Damian had made their lifelong promises on the feast of Saint Martin de Porres (November 3rd)
The lay Dominican chapter attached the the Dominican priory in Kilkenny (the 'Black Abbey') recently received the lifelong promises of two of its members - Michael Joyce and Damian McDonnell. This vibrant chapter continues to experience growth and is responsible for many of the pastoral initiatives of the friars in Kilkenny.
Paul McLoughlin pictured with Fr Ben Hegarty OP (prior of Saint Dominic's, Ennismore, Cork) after making his lifelong promise as a lay Dominican on October 3rd last.
Finally, Paul McLoughlin from Dungarvan in Co Waterford also made his lifelong promise as a lay Dominican during the celebration of the Eucharist in Saint Dominic's Retreat Centre, Montenotte, Cork.
Irish Dominican Vocations wishes God's blessing on all who have made commitments to the Order as lay Dominicans in the recent past. Their incorporation into the Dominican Order is a powerful witness of the call of God to the hearts of men and women who seek to give their lives in the service of others.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Dominican Connect - December 2012 issue

Dominican Connect for December 2012 has been published and makes a special front page feature of Dublin's Moving Crib.

The fourth issue of the vocations office newsletter is jam packed with news and details of upcoming events.
The back page feature is of the Taizé Prayer group at St Saviour's Dublin.

Follow this link to download an electronic copy of December's Dominican Connect:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Vocations prayer initiative in Newbridge

Local people taking vocation prayer cards after the icon of Saint Dominic arrived at the Dominican church in Newbridge, Co Kildare.

The ongoing prayer initiative for Dominican vocations continues its tour throughout Ireland. Having been promoted for the past four weeks in the Dominican parish of Saint Aengus in Tallaght, Co Dublin, the initiative arrived in the Dominican church of Saint Eustace in Newbridge, Co Kildare this past weekend (November 24-5). 

Using the specially commissioned icon of Saint Dominic as a focal point, the prayer initiative is designed to increase an awareness about the Dominican vocation and to broaden the base of the number of people praying for vocations to the friars, sisters, nuns and lay Dominicans in Ireland. People who frequent our church in Newbridge will be invited over the next number of weeks to pray especially for this intention. The Irish Dominicans are very fortunate to have many groups throughout Ireland who pray for vocations to the Order on a regular basis. We are deeply indebted to them.

The vocations prayer initiative has been warmly received around the country and Newbridge was no exception. It was a very uplifting experience to meet people who expressed enthusiasm for the project and an assurance that they are taking up the challenge to pray. 

A special word of thanks to the prior and community at the Dominican community in Newbridge for facilitating the prayer initiative and for the warm welcome.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Irish Dominican friar is new 'vicar' to Master of the Order

Fr Vivian Boland OP
Fr Vivian Boland OP, of the Irish Dominican Province, was recently appointed as 'vicar' of the Master of the Order.
As 'vicar', Fr Vivian is the principal assistant to the Master General, Fr Bruno Cadoré OP.
Fr Vivian is originally from Dublin and entered the Order in 1971.
After priestly ordination in 1978 he studied at the University of Edinburgh, the Angelicum and at the Gregorian University.
His pastoral work has been not just in Ireland, but also in our mission in Trinidad & Tobago and in England.
Fr Vivian held various posts of responsibility concerning the intellectual life of the Order and the formation of the younger brothers.
In 2011 he was appointed assistant ('socius') to the Master of the Order for North West Europe and Canada as well as socius for Initial Formation.
Irish Dominican Vocations wishes Fr Vivian every blessing in his additional responsbility in the service of his brothers.
Read the article from the curia website in Rome on his appointment:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is it time for a vocations strategy for Ireland?

Yesterday in Dublin the annual general meeting of the religious vocations directors of Ireland took place. It is an important meeting for the organisation (Vocations Ireland) that represents these vocations personnel because it is intended to take a look at the activities of the last year and plans for the year ahead. It is also a significant event for a large group of religious women and men who have been entrusted with the task of promoting vocations for their respective orders to meet in a supportive environment to reflect and share. The meeting yesterday succeeded in these tasks.

However, there is a great need for a body such as Vocations Ireland to be more than an organisation that supports vocation directors and attends exhibitions throughout the country for the purpose of promotion. In fact, the group could do so much more and be at the forefront of breaking new ground regarding the question of new membership to religious orders in Ireland. One wonders, however, if there is enough energy and enthusiasm to do this.

Given the situation regarding vocations to priesthood and religious life in Ireland, there is a clear need for a vocations strategy. This blogger has been advocating this for some time and many have asked what such a strategy might look like. Below, then, are five possible and attainable goals that could be used to start a discussion regarding a national strategy for vocations in Ireland. Any strategic plan covers a defined period of time. A five year timeframe is appropriate here.

(1) Amalgamate the Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors and Vocations Ireland and their resources. Having two large organisations managing vocations personnel in a country as small as Ireland is unnecessary. Unifying both bodies would give a stronger thrust to vocation promotion and would eliminate the fragmented and diffuse efforts of both entities.

(2) A key element of the strategy must include that each diocese and religious congregation appoint a named individual as vocation promoter/director. In doing so, each named indivuidual would have that portfolio on either a full-time basis or that it be the primary ministry above all others. Many congregations and dioceses in Ireland do not have named vocations personnel. In doing this, it would provide a strong witness to the church and to potential new members that vocations are taken seriously. There is strong evidence from various parts of the world that when congregations and dioceses invest human resources in vocation ministry that there is a greater possibility of attracting new vocations.

(3) Promote Vocation Awareness. A new streamlined vocation organisation as envisioned in (1) above could spearhead vocation awareness programmes and events. In Ireland much emphasis is placed on Vocations Sunday each year. This is good but haphazard and absolves many in vocations ministry from doing any other vocational work for the remainder of the year. Other countries successfully coordinate week-long and month-long initiatives to promote vocations on a national level. A co-ordinated and well resourced information facility by means of the use of social media and other such tools could fill a large information vacuum. With much goodwill and hard work, these could easily be achieved in Ireland.

(4) Develop a Pastoral Plan for Vocations. It is a sad fact that many who present themselves as candidates for seminary or novitiate programmes find a distinct lack of proper vocational or spiritual discernment or accompaniment. This demands that vocations personnel be encouraged or asked to achieve verifiable standards of practice in their ministry and that there be agreed standards that candidate can expect from vocations directors. The pastoral plan should take into account that candidates also be expected to demonstrate that they have completed sufficient modules of vocational discernment prior to making application to semianaries or houses of formation.

(5) Collaboration between the Episcopal Conference, Conference of Religious of Ireland and other relevant bodies. The thrust of the vocations strategy would demand real collaboration between the bishops, religious superiors and other interested parties. It is clearly in the interest of all these stakeholders to support a vocations strategy given that vocation numbers in Ireland have decreased significantly. It is becoming increasingly clear that a co-ordinated approach is the the preffered approach. In relation to this collaborative effort, it must be clear that the promotion of priestly and religious vocations is the single focus.

Overarching this five point strategic plan is the necessity of prayer. The failure or success of such an initiative would depend on the prayerful participation of everyone concerned.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dominican Connect - November 2012 issue

The November 2012 issue of Dominican Connect from the vocations office of the Irish Dominican friars has just been published. It contains articles on the Year of Faith, news on recent and upcoming events along with a feature on Fr Alan O' Sullivan OP.

Dominican Connect is distributed to all Dominican churches throughout Ireland each month as a means of providing information about the work and ministry of the friars and to give relevant updates about vocations to the Irish Dominicans.

The latest issue will be available from this first weekend in November and you can also download the issue in pdf format by clicking on the link below:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vocations Trends in Ireland - Catholic World Report

The Catholic World Report carries an article in the current issue on the worrying decline in priestly vocations in Ireland. Written by Michael Kelly, the editor of the Irish Catholic, it has many quotes from the author of this blog along with Bishop Donal McKeown and Andrew O' Connell and others. To read the full article, click here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vocation prayer initiative arrives in Tallaght

 Parishioners of the Dominican parish of Saint Aengus in Tallaght, Co Dublin with the icon of Saint Dominic.

The prayer initiative for Dominican vocations continues its journey to the various Dominican churches and centres throughout Ireland. The initiative, which uses the specially commissioned icon of Saint Dominic as a focus and invitation to pray, arrived in the Dominican parish of Saint Aengus in Tallaght this past weekend. It had previously been in our Dominican church of Saint Mary's, Pope's Quay in Cork for the past six weeks.

The invitation to people to pray for vocations to the Order has been very well received. The feedback from the communities that have received the icon and those who have taken up the invitation to pray means that the original objective of broadening the already wide base of prayer for Dominican vocations is being met.

The icon will now remain in the parish of Saint Aengus for one month before moving to the Dominican church in Newbridge, Co Kildare at the end of November.

Prayer for Dominican Vocations

Lord Jesus,
as you one called Saint Dominic to preach the Gospel,
so now send new preachers into your harvest.

Give them courage, wisdom and grace to make them witnesses of your death, resurrection and return in glory.

Through the intercession of Mary, patroness of the Order, may the bring true faith
and light to brighten the darkness.

You who live forever.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five Paths to Priesthood

The friars of the Saint Joseph province of Dominicans in the USA have recently produced this fine video which tells the story of five Dominican friars on their path to priesthood. As with every vocation story, the journeys that the five friars have made are unique to them. It is a reminder that God calls each one individually and in a unique way. I hope that the sharing of this video will prompt others to be generous in answering God's call in their lives

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dominican Pilgimage to Knock 2012

 The apparation chapel at Knock shrine

The annual Dominican pilgrimage to the Knock shrine in County Mayo took place today. Many thousands of people who are associated with the Dominican Order throughout Ireland were in attendance. They were joined by friars, sisters, nuns and lay Dominicans - and also by a group of contemplative Dominican nuns from around the world who are visiting Ireland for a week long meeting in Siena monastery in Drogheda, Co Louth.

The highlight of the day of pilgrimage was the celebration of the Eucharist. The principal celebrant was fr Gregory Carroll OP (prior provincial) and the homily was given by fr Terence Crotty OP (master of students). Fr Terence preached on the theme of faith to coincide with the opening of the Year of Faith which has just begun.

We pray that those who joined the Dominican pilgrimage today will receive many graces and blessings through the intercession of Our Lady of Knock.

Fr Terence Crotty OP preached the homily
Dominican sisters and nuns join the pilgrimage
The pilgrimage allows time for meeting and greeting

Sunday, October 7, 2012

News updates from Vocations Ireland

Vocations Ireland - the organisation that represents the vocations directors of the male and female religious orders and congregations in Ireland has recently appointed a new director. Ann-Marie Gallagher, a native of Sligo, took up the position last month after her predecessor Sr Eileen Lenihan IBVM had completed a three year term of office. Ann-Marie had previously been working in the area of child protection in the social work field. Irish Dominican Vocations congratulates and sends best wishes to her on her appointment in this challenging ministry.

Ann-Marie Gallagher - Director, Vocations Ireland
Vocations Ireland has recently announced the launch the of the second year of the ExploreAway programme.  ExploreAway provides an opportunity for young, single, men and women between the ages of 21-40, who are interested in exploring religious life in a reflective and prayerful environment.

  • ExploreAway aims to provide the input, support and accompaniment needed to help the participants discern their call.
  • Participants are invited to embark on this journey of exploration in the company of others who are also searching.
  • The programme involves five residential weekends.
  • The weekends will provide input on vocation, discernment, prayer and religious life - its core values and the various ways it is lived.
  • A retreat experience will be built into one of the weekends which will give participants the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and gain more clarity around where God is calling them. 
  • For more information log on to
Finally, Vocations Ireland will hold their annual general meeting on Saturday, November 10th. The keynote speaker at this year's meeting is Fr Liam Lawton, a diocesan priest of the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. He is a noted composer, performer and author.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'Dominican Connect' - Issue 2, October 2012.

The second edition of 'Dominican Connect - from the Vocations office of the Irish Dominican Friars' is now available to download in electronic from the vocations website here:  

In this month's issue, we focus on our our new novices along with news of the first profession of two our brothers. There is also an article on the inaugural Aquinas Institute of Ireland summer school in Cork and a feature on one of the projects of the Irish Dominican province - the Priory Institute. There is lots of other news and information on upcoming events.

Printed copies of 'Dominican Connect' will be available in all Dominican churches and centres throughout Ireland from this weekend. If you would like to receive a copy by email each month, email


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dominican Family Day 2012

Dominican Family Day Dublin: (left to right) Gerard Dunne OP (Dominican friars), Sr Fionnuala Quinn (Dominican sisters), David Kammler OP (guest), Dr Gaven Kerr OPL, Brian Pierce OP, Sr Liz Healy OP (Dominican sisters), Sr Breda Carroll OP (Dominican nuns, Drogheda), Bridget Doherty) Caritas Christi. (click to enlarge photo)
The annual Dominican family day took place in All Hallows College in Dublin's northside today - September 29th 2012. This annual event organised and hosted by the Dominican Association of Ireland (an umbrella body representing the Dominican friars, lay Dominicans, Dominican nuns and Dominican sisters) gathered together members of the Dominican family in Ireland to consider the contemplative aspect of Dominican life. The meeting reflected on this topic in line with the themes proposed by the Order in preparation for the jubilee celebrations celebrating 800 years of the foundation of the Dominicans in 2016.

The gathering of Dominican women and men along with guests were treated to two excellent contributions during the day - by Fr Brian Pierce OP (promoter general for the nuns of the Order) and by Dr Gaven Kerr, a lay Dominican from Belfast. In two contrasting talks, both Dominicans gave expositions on the importance of contemplation for the Dominican - as a necessary part of our preaching mandate.

The Dominican Association was delighted also to have David Kammler OP as our special guest. Fr David is the Promoter General of the Dominican laity who is in Ireland for a series of meetings with the lay Dominicans around the country.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reception of Novices and Professions in other Dominican Provinces

While the Irish Dominican friars are celebrating the reception of five new novices and the first profession of two of our brothers, we extend our prayerful and fraternal good wishes to other provinces of the Order who are also receiving novices and professions. As you will see from the images and videos below, the Order is continuing to attract many men to follow in the footsteps of Saint Dominic. Please pray for them and for their perseverance in our way of life.

The Toulouse province in France receive six novices in Marseille on September 15th

The Western Province in the United States received six new novices into their province on August 30th last. I had the honour of meeting Br Thomas (second from left) during the summer while he was on holidays in Ireland.
 The Western Province in the USA also celebrated the first profession of four brothers on September 2nd.
 The province of England has four new novices - they were clothed in the habit on September 16th
The English Dominicans receive the solemn profession of Bro Nicholas Crowe OP in Oxford on September 16th
The French province celebrated the first profession of four brothers at Strasbourg on September 8th.
Twelve brothers make first profession in the Saint Joseph Province USA at the end of August
The Polish province receive ten new novices on August 19th
The Croatian Dominican friars receive 5 men into their novitiate on September 1st

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video of Clothing Ceremony and First Professions 2012

Video footage of our recent happy events of the receiving of the habit of our five novices and the first profession of our two brothers in Saint Mary's priory church, Pope's Quay, Cork on September 14th and 15th September 2012. With thanks to Br Luuk Jansen OP and Dominicans Interactive for the video.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vocations prayer initiative moves to Cork

The icon of Saint Dominic at the community Mass in Saint Mary's priory church in Cork.
The vocations prayer initiative which began earlier this year having been launched in March in Siena monastery in Drogheda has now moved to Cork. The initiative which uses the specially commisioned icon of Saint Dominic as a focus for prayer for Dominican vocations was warmly received by the many people who atteneded the weekend Masses in St Mary's Cork. There now follows a number of weeks of prayer to which people are invited to participate in the prayer campaign before it moves on to the next Dominican location. Irish Dominican Vocations would like to thank the prior and community for facilitating the vocations prayer initiative in the novitiate community of the Irish Dominican province.
Massgoers at Saint Mary's view the icon and take vocation prayer cards with them
The vocations director with some of the people who have promised to be part of the prayer campaign.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Professions for Irish Dominican friars

Fr Gregory Carroll OP (prior provincial), Br Kevin O Reilly OP, Br Murchadh O Madagain OP and Fr Philip McShane OP (outgoing novice master) after the first profession of the two brothers.
The Irish Dominican friars have received the first profession of two brothers on completion of their novitiate year. During the celebration of the conventual Mass in Saint Mary's Priory church in Pope's Quay, Cork today September 15th (the feast of our Lady of Sorrows), Bro Kevin O Reilly and Bro Murchadh O Madagain made profession in the hands of the prior provincial of the Irish Dominican province Fr Gregory Carroll OP.
Bro Kevin comes to the Order with a doctoral degree in philosophy and had taught that subject in various institutes and universities. Bro Murchadh who was ordained a priest for the diocese of Galway and Kikmacduagh also holds a doctoral degree - in spirituality.  He has ministered in parishes and hospitals before joining the Order.
We congratulate our brothers on their first profession which aggregates them into the Order and pray that they will flourish in the next phase of their Dominican lives.
Below are some images of the first profession ceremony. Please click the pictures to enlarge them.
The brothers prostrate before the provincial seeking the mercy of God and of the Order
The prior provincial Fr Gregory Carroll OP preaches the homily during the conventual Mass incorporating the rite of profession
Bro Kevin O Reilly makes profession in the hands of the prior provincial
Bro Murchadh O Madagain makes profession
Part of the rite of profession includes the blessing of the scapulars of the newly professed brothers
The prayers of the faithful are read by our student brothers David McGovern and Patrick Desmond
With the first profession of our two brothers today and the reception of our five new novices yesterday, the Irish Dominican friars now have 22 in formation at various stages. Please pray for them and those considering joining the Order and the friars who assist them.
Media outlets are welcome to use the images in this blog post. However, you are asked to credit Irish Dominican Vocations blog.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Five novices join Irish Dominican friars

Br Ronan O Dubhghaill, Br Philip Mulryne, Fr Stephen Hutchinson OP (novice master), Br Jesse Maingot, Br Adam Conroy and Br Matthew Farrell - after the five novices were clothed in the habit of the Dominican Order and began their novitiate in Cork
September 14th is the feast of the Triumph of the Cross and is also the feast day of the Irish Dominican province. It is also the day when traditionally new novices are accepted into the Order.
In keeping with that tradition, today in Saint Mary's Priory, Pope's Quay, Cork - five men were clothed in the habit of the Dominican Order and officially began their year long novitiate. The five new novices are Matthew Farrell from Daingean in Co Offaly, Philip Mulryne from Belfast, Co Antrim, Jesse Maingot from Trinidad, Ronan O Dubhghaill from Gorey, Co Wexford and Adam Conroy from Kilcullen, Co Kildare.
The brothers were received into the Order during the conventual Mass in St Mary's priory church today at which the prior provincial of the Irish Dominican friars presided. He warmly welcomed the new novices and asked that for prayers for their perseverance.
This is a very happy day for the brothers of the Irish Dominican province and we are very conscious that we have been greatly blessed by God during these past nuumber of years with a consistent intake of vocations.
Below are some images of the clothing ceremony today. Click on the images to enlarge.
The five novices to be prostrate themselves before the prior provincial seeking the mercy of God and of the Order
The prior provincial fr Gregory Carroll OP preaches the homily
Br Matthew Farrell is clothed in the habit of the Order
Br Philip Mulryne is greeted by the prior provincial fr Gregory Carroll OP
Br Jesse Maingot is welcomed by the prior provincial
Br Ronan O Dubhghaill is clothed in the Dominican habit by the prior provincial
Br Adam Conroy, who is the youngest novice of the group is greeted by fr Gregory Carroll OP, prior provincial
The newly clothed novices
Please note that the images above can be reproduced by other media outlets - as long as they credit Irish Dominican Vocations blog.