Monday, December 17, 2012

Poor Clares Galway on RTE Radio

Members of the Poor Clare community, Galway with Miriam O' Callaghan of RTE
The Poor Clare nuns have been in Galway since 1642 and have survived persecution and other calamities over the past 380 years. In 1825, they returned to 'Nun's Island' in the heart of the city after over a century of being forced to live in other locations. They have been there ever since.

This community is held in high regard and esteem by the people of the city of Galway. Their constant presence and the contribution of the Poor Clares to the spiritual well-being of the city is deeply valued - as is the case when communities of contemplative men and women are established in villages, towns and cities throughout Ireland and elsewhere.

Recently two of the sisters, Sr Colette and Sr Anthony gave an interview to Miriam O' Callaghan for the popular radio programme 'Miriam Meets...'. The sisters are joined by Sr Colette's blood sister too and the interview gives a real sense of the importance of contemplative life and the joy that can be had from living this particular vocation. It's a great interview, with a lot of humour and laughter, but through it all you get the sense of the profound call of God in the life of the community. In giving this interview, the Poor Clares are doing a great service for all contemplative communities in highlighting their vocation. You can listen to the piece by clicking here.
The sisters have also published a book in recent weeks. Entitled 'Calm the Soul: Meditations and Prayers for Everyday Life' the new publication looks at ways we can incorporate prayer into our lives. They recognise that in today's busy world, we can neglect our souls focussing instead on the mind and body. Using their simple prayer ideas and meditations we can learn to speak to God in a direct way to bring him to our everyday lives. With practical advice for preparing for prayer from creating a suitable atmosphere in a quiet room with candles, to the importance of embracing moments of silence into our everyday lives so we become more aware of our surroundings and of the world God created, they look at the different ways you can incorporate prayer into your everyday lives to enrich and nourish the soul. It is available in all good bookshops in Ireland and is a best seller this Christmas - and would make a good Christmas gift!

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