Sunday, September 11, 2011

Solemn Profession of Colm Mannion OP and Luuk Jansen OP

Our newly solemnly professed brothers for 2011 (left to right) Bro Matthew Martinez OP, Bro Luuk Jansen OP and Bro Colm Mannion OP

The Irish Dominican friars celebrated the solemn (or final) profession of two of its brothers today in Dublin. Brothers Colm Mannion OP and Luuk Jansen OP made profession during the celebration of the conventual eucharist in Saint Saviour's Dominican church in Dominick Street, Dublin. Both of our brothers making profession were joined by their families, friends and members of the Dominican family at the celebration. Brothers Colm and Luuk join Bro Matthew Martinez (also of the Irish Domincan province) who also made solemn profession two weeks ago. Irish Dominican Vocations wishes our newly solemnly professed brothers every blessing as they continue on their path in the Dominican way of life. Please pray for our brothers and for vocations to the Irish Dominican friars.

Below is a sample of some images from the profession ceremony today. Bloggers and other media are welcome to use these images, but please credit the Irish Dominican vocations blog: 

Please see also an account of the professions on our vocations website

Bro Luuk Jansen OP
Bro Colm Mannion OP

The gospel is proclaimed by the deacon Bro Maurice Colgan OP
Brothers Luuk and Colm prostrate themselves prior to making profession
Bro Colm Mannion makes profession '......until death.'
Bro Luuk Jansen makes solemn profession in the hands of the prior provincial

Brothers Luuk and Colm kneel before the provincial for the prayer after profession
A view from the sanctuary in Saint Saviour's Dominican church during the profession ceremony

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