Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Study and Contemplation in the Dominican Order

Many of the enquiries to the Vocations office of the Irish Dominican friars are concerned about the role of study and contemplation in the Dominican tradition. I recently came across this excellent brief talk by the late fr Kurt Pritzl OP, who was then the dean of the school of philosophy at the Catholic University of America. Well worth a look and a listen!

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Oliver said...

they shouldn't be they should be more concerned on the basic principles on the basis on which the church was founded and the simple idea to spread the news help people and above all what ever the individuals path will be believe in the lord our god was the message the will of god the death he got he knew something new one else new what was it i wonder yet he died for us i was in dublin the other day i saw homeless people loss despair on there faces did you ever look at st francis and some of the saints what they went through all enquiries should be encouraged perhaps some retreats life isn't fair it doesn't mean we shouln't be fair the world is the same the message is simple education knowledge is a great thing no good however if not use wisely god bless