Thursday, June 16, 2011

Master of the Order visits student house at Saint Saviour's, Dublin

 Our student brothers with the Master of the Order (click on photo to enlarge)

Front row left to right: Darragh McNally OP, Brian Doyle OP, Ronan Connolly OP, Bruno Cadore OP, Denis Murphy OP, Stephen Jones OP, David McGovern OP
Middle row left to right: James Cassidy OP, Eoin Casey OP, Maurice Colgan OP, Colm Mannion OP, Matthew Martinez OP, Conor McDonough OP
Back row left to right: Patrick Desmond OP, Damian Polly OP, Luuk Jansen OP

 The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadore OP, is making an informal visit to some of the communities in the Irish Dominican province. His brief itinerary sees him visiting both formation communities of the province in Dublin and Cork, as well as a short visit to the Dominican contemplative nuns in Drogheda. Today, he had an opportunity to meet with the student brothers of the province and the community as well. The picture shows our student brothers pose for a photograph with the fr Bruno today.

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