Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Year of Prayer for Vocations

I am delighted to hear of an initiative by the national director of vocations in Ireland, in conjunction with the religious and missionary vocations personnel, to have a year of prayer for vocations in Ireland. It is proposed to begin the year on Good Shepherd Sunday (the world day of prayer for vocations) 2008 and to conclude on the same Sunday in 2009 i.e. 13 April 2008 to 3 May 2009. The proposed year of prayer is to highlight vocation in all its forms during that year by having prayer and other events.

It is also hoped that the initiative will encourage those already in ministry; provide an opportunity for young adults, the general Catholic population, migrants and minority ethnic groups, the mass media and others to become involved at a deeper level. It is an aim to renew the sense of identity and direction of vocations and to also establish a new 'time' to encourage vocation to the priesthood, as well as returning Vocations Sunday to its rightful emphasis.

Some information about this initiative is posted on the website for diocesan vocations directors and I thank the national director Fr. Paddy Rushe for drawing it to my attention. The proposed year of prayer is awaiting approval from the next meeting of Irish bishops.

This proposed year of prayer, when approved, will be an exciting time and I am encouraged by the prospects and possibilities that it holds. May the time of prayer be a fruitful one. I will keep readers posted as I get more information.
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