Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blogs that have caught my eye recently...

The wonder of the web allows bloggers to track blogs that have similar interests to one's own. I regularly get updates that allow me to see blogs that have the words 'Dominican' and 'vocation' in them. Below I list four that caught my eye recently. You should know that because I list them here does not necessarily mean that I agree with the content or tone - but I found them interesting. Take a look: - a very comprehensive blog maintained by a candiadate for the permanent diaconate in the diocese of Raleigh, USA - a blog maintained by a young Dominican friar in the Central Province, USA - a blog of a member of the Dominican laity, Idaho, USA the blog of Philip Powell OP, Texas, Southern Province of Dominicans, USA

By the way, I hate blogs that are used purely for the purpose of ranting and raving!
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