Friday, January 11, 2008


One of the many questions I am asked as vocations director is 'What is an appropriate age to join the Order?' It is impossible to answer that question! I meet young people who are very mature, and older people who are immature - and vice versa! Many Dominican provinces throughout the world have an upper age limit policy - and are quite strict about it. The Irish Dominican province does not have an upper age limit. And rightly too, in my opinion. I am much more interested in any potential candidate's relationship with God and that person's motivation to join the Order, rather than their age.With this in mind, I was heartened to read recently an article on the Catholic Ireland website quoting Christopher Dillon, the Abbot of Glenstal (Benedictine), that he was viewed with some suspicion when he joined the Benedictines having gone to university and done postgraduate studies. He was a late vocation! He goes on to say that since he has been Abbot in the monastery that two grandfathers have joined and have become very valuable members of the community. You can see the full text of that article here.

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