Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Week to Go.....

There is just one week to go to Vocations Sunday 2008. In Ireland, Vocations Sunday this year has a special significance since it is the beginning of the Year of Vocation. Although, one would hardly think so. I have been taking a look at the April editions of the various Catholic journals and periodicals that are published in Ireland. There is hardly a word written about the upcoming year of prayer for vocations - the exceptions are Intercom (published by Veritas) and The Word (published by the Divine Word Missionaries). Add to this a couple of letters to the Irish Catholic - and that's it! Admittedly there have been a few articles in February and March in some of the popular Catholic magazines. Still, with the immense possibility of a dramatic impact in the lead up to such an important time in the life of the Irish Church, one would expect more - a lot more!

A trawl through the websites of the various religious orders (male and female) and the Roman Catholic dioceses in Ireland (with a couple of exceptions) I found it hard to find any reference to the Year of Vocation. This is a pity. Hopefully in the next week there will be a dramatic change - or is this wishful thinking on my part?
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