Friday, May 9, 2008

Year of Vocation - What's Happening?

The Irish Catholic Church launched the Year of Vocation almost four weeks ago. Have you noticed that since the launch there has been a lot of silence? There have been very few references in media circles about the year. The Catholic press in Ireland has largely ignored the event. The official Year of Vocation website hasn't been updated since its launch. Most dioceses and religious congregations make little or no reference to the year on their official websites. Rarley in my travels do I hear any mention of even a prayer for vocations at the celebration of Masses or other liturgical events that I attend. Can someone explain why this is so?

It is quite disheartening, to say the least.


Paul said...

It is surely disheartening, but hardly surprising and I don't mean to sound in any way cynical. I think we as a faith community in Ireland should take some for serious reflection on the Holy Father's words in D.C. "Let us be quite frank...vocations is the sign of a healthy church".

jddowling said...

Just to ascertain if my posted comment was received, as I had terrible trouble with my forgotten password.

Gerard Dunne OP said...

Obviously your original comment was not received. Perhaps you might like to resend. Thank you.

jddowling said...

I have posted to you in the mail, the Summer issue of THE SHEAF.
J D Dowling