Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vocations Recession??

This week's copy of 'The Irish Catholic' came through the post this morning. The headline put a smile on my face! A sub-editor in this popular Catholic newspaper has been busy! The headline reads: 'Dublin plan to tackle Vocations recession'. The lead article is about the Archdiocese of Dublin and its plans to create new 'pastoral areas' with the new appointments of various clergy around the diocese - allowing parishes to pool resources and having priests and pastoral councils to work in teams with the hope of reinvigorating the task of evangelisation in the diocese. All this is aimed as a means of offsetting the vocations decline in the archdiocese.

So now you have it: we're not just in the middle of an economic recession, but a vocations recession too! In Ireland it is said that we're talking our way into an economic looks like the Catholic media in Ireland is talking us into a vocations recession as well! Good news stories on vocations doesn't sell papers obviously!
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