Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Church Attendance and Religious Practice on the Rise in Ireland

A recent poll commissioned by the Iona Institute and conducted by the reputable Red C market research company confirms what many in Ireland have been experiencing - that people are returning to the church. The increase in church attendance is small but significant compared to a similar poll carried out in early 2008. An analysis of the findings can be found by clicking this link http://www.ionainstitute.ie/pdfs/Press_Release_by_The_Iona_Institute_2Nov2009.pdf.

Since the findings of the poll suggest that young people (despite the common perception) are not turning away from the church in large numbers, it begs the question as to how best the Irish church can engage with young people. The results of the poll also would lead one to believe that with the right engagement and with proper encouragement and challenge that some of these young people would consider the option of a religious and priestly vocation as a viable and real choice.

(Thanks to David Quinn, director of the Iona Institute, for permission to use the links above on this blog).
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