Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dominican Events for Young Adults

As part of the ongoing commitment of the Irish Dominican friars to evangelise younger people and young adults, the Dominicans at Saint Saviour's, Dorset Street, Dublin 1 are hosting a series of Lenten talks aimed at informing participants of specific aspects of Dominican spirituality. The aim of the series of these talks is to explain how Dominican spirituality has a continuing relevance in our time and in our world. It is hoped that after the Lenten lecture series is over that some of the participants will take the opportunity to further deepen their understanding of the Dominican charism.

The series of talks is open to those aged 20 to 40 years and are held in Saint Catherine's chapel (entrance at Dorset Street) at the priory. The lectures begin at 8.00 pm on the dates below and the themes of the lectures are as follows:

Tuesday February 23rd: Saint Dominic: A Man for Today

Tuesday March 2nd: 'To Praise, To Bless': Dominican Prayer

Tuesday March 9th: Intelligent Faith: Our Faith deserves to be understood

Tuesday March 16th: 'Sacra Predicanda' (Holy Preaching): Giving to others the fruits of our contemplation

Tuesday March 23rd: Living Dominican Spirituality as a lay person in the modern world.
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