Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Dominican Vocation: Dominican Volunteers International

Dominican Volunteers International is a Project of the Dominican Family that was launched in the year 2000 during the Assembly of the Dominican Family in Manila, with the objective of linking persons and communities from different parts of the world for the purpose of collaborating in the preaching mission. DVI sends qualified lay volunteers who have a relationship with Dominican communities to those who are already working among people who are poor and excluded.

The objective of DVI is to animate and strengthen the joint participation of nuns, friars, laity and sisters in the mission of preaching the Gospel according to the charism of St. Dominic on the frontiers of society.

Since its inception ten years ago, there have been volunteers from Ireland who have served in the West Indies and in South America. The Irish co-ordinating team of Dominican Volunteers International consists of a friar, sister, contemplative nun and a lay Dominican. For more information on DVI Ireland, you can contact fr. Gregory Carroll OP, Saint Saviour's, Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1 gregcop@eircom.net and you can also view the international website for the volunteers which is http://www.dviop.org/
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