Friday, June 18, 2010

Dominican Family Day - June 20th, 2010.

Dominicans in Ireland are represented by four distinct groups that go to make up the Dominican Family. These four groups consist of Lay Dominicans, the Cabra congregation of Dominican Sisters (apostolic sisters), the Dominican conteplative nuns from Siena Monastery in Drogheda and finally the Dominican friars. Each year the Dominican Association (made up of members of representatives of the four branhes of the Order in Ireland) host a Dominican Family Day. This year the event is being held in the Dominican Sisters Resource Centre in Cabra, Dublin 7 and the theme of the day is: "Our Preaching Story". The keynote speaker is Irish Dominican friar James Donleavy OP - the Promoter for Ongoing Formation for the friars of the province and a much sought after preacher.

Irish Dominican Vocations looks forward to attending the day and meeting all the other representatives of the Dominican Family there.
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