Monday, December 20, 2010

Diaconate Ordinations for Irish Dominican friars

Three of our student brothers in formation, frs Dennis Murphy OP, Maurice Colgan OP and Brian Doyle OP will be ordained deacons on January 2nd 2011 in Saint Saviour's Dominican church, Upper Dominick Street, Dublin 1 during the conventaul Mass at 11.30 a.m. The Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland Dr Diarmuid Martin will ordain our three brothers.

The ministry of the deacon in the Catholic Church is described as one of service in three areas: the Word, the Liturgy and Charity. The deacon's ministry of the Word includes proclaiming the Gospel during the Mass, preaching and teaching. His liturgical ministry includes various parts of the Mass proper to the deacon, including being an ordinary minister of Holy Communion and the proper minister of the chalice when Holy Communion is administered under both kinds. The ministry of charity involves service to the poor and marginalized and working with parishioners to help them become more involved in such ministry. As clerics, they are required to recite the Liturgy of the Hours. Deacons, like priests and bishops, are ordinary ministers of the sacrament of Baptism and can serve as the church's witness at the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, which the bride and groom administer to each other (though if the exchange of vows takes place in a wedding Mass, or Nuptial Mass, the Mass is celebrated by the priest and the deacon acts as another witness). Deacons may preside at funeral rites not involving a Mass (e.g., the final commendation at the gravesite or the reception of the body at a service in the funeral home), and may assist the priest at the Requiem Mass. They can preside over various services such as Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, and they may give certain blessings. They cannot hear confession and give absolution, anoint the sick, or celebrate Mass.

Please pray for our brothers as they prepare to take on this ministry as deacons and continue to pray for all our brothers in formation for the Irish Dominican friars.

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