Saturday, July 16, 2011

Redemptoristine nuns in Dublin continue to attract vocations.

 Sr Maria pictured with Gerard Dunne OP after the profession ceremony.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the fact that I have highlighted the Redemptoristine community in Drumcondra in Dublin for their highly successful approach to attracting vocations. The community have adopted a 'high visibility' strategy for vocation promotion and have used wisely all the modern means of communication available to them. But as one wise Dominican friar once said to me, you can have all the visibility you like, but if you are not living the life, then nobody is going to be attracted or entice to join religious life. How true, and how appropriate are these words in relation to the Redemptoristine nuns in Dublin. They live a monastic life, centred on prayer, and give an authentic witness to God by their very lives. This is the primary reason why women are attracted to their community.

Their continuing success story in relation to vocations continued today as one of their sisters, Sister Maria Sidorova, made first profession. Sister Maria is a native of Slovakia. She was joined by family members, Irish Redemptorists, friends and associates of the community today where she professed her vows during the celebration of the eucharist.

In three weeks time, another of the sisters will make final profession. The community are also preparing to receive a new postulant in September. Please remember the sisters in your prayers and if you would like to know more about them visit their website

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