Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dominican Saints and Blesseds - a new blog!

Brother Paul Byrd OP, a friar of the Dominican province of Saint Albert the Great in the US has launced a new blog on the saints, blesseds, venerables and servants of God of the Dominican Order. It is a kind of one-stop-shop of information on those members of the Domincan family throughout the world who have a special place in the life of the church. I must say that I learned for the first time about many in the Order who are being considered for beatification and canonization. So, I recommend this blog to you as a valuable source of information on the famous and not so famous figures in the Order. The Dominican Order is blessed to have so many powerful witnesses of exemplary life and faith - and we should ask those who have gone before us to intercede for the current needs of our preaching mission throughout the world.


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