Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feast of our Holy Father Saint Francis

October 4th is the feast of Saint Francis Assisi. It is believed that during the Fourth Lateran Council in Rome in 1215 that Saint Francis and Saint Dominic met. Both saints would go on to found a new form of religious life which would be both apostolic and mednicant - the friars. Traditionally members of both Orders call both saints 'Holy Father'.

For hundreds of years, there has also been a custom where the Dominicans invite a Franciscan to preach on the feast of Saint Dominic, and likewise the Franciscans invite a Dominican to preach on this feast-day.

Irish Dominican Vocations joins with the many who would like to wish all Franciscans and members of the Franciscan family every blessing on the feast of our Holy Father. With these best wishes is a prayer for an increase in vocations to the various entities of the Franciscans.

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