Monday, December 5, 2011

Irish Dominican friars feature on is a unique website which was set up almost two years ago. The purpose of the website is to "inspire devotion to Jesus Christ by sharing Catholics' personal stories on the 'digital continent' that are rooted in fidelity to the Church through contemporary communication mediums."

One of the founders of is currently in Ireland. His name is Steve Seguin and is touring Ireland on bicycle with a view to tell the world about the Catholic faith in Ireland. I had occasion to meet Steve on a couple of occasions at the beginning of his journey. He is an extraordinary man with a passion for Christ and spreading the Good News. Perhaps he should be a Dominican!

Two of our brothers, Luuk Jansen OP and David Barrins OP feature on the website as Steve travels throughout Ireland. Brother Luuk explains his journey to becoming a Catholic and eventually a Dominican friar while fr David reflects on the faith of young people and being a chaplain in an Irish university in Cork.

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