Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Intellectual Life and the Dominican Vocation

Swiss Dominican friar fr Gilles Emery OP gives an excellent presentation on the intellectual life and the Dominican vocation. The talk was given at the Lumen Christi Institute in Chicago, USA. It will be of interest to those who ask questions about the place of study in the Dominican tradition - and who enquire about the importance of the intellectual life to Dominicans.

The constitutions of the Dominican friars remind us that "Saint Dominic in founding the Order was truly innovative: he intimately linked study to the ministry of salvation. He himself always carried around with him St Matthew's gospel and Saint Paul's letters. He directed the brothers to the schools, and sent them 'to study, preach and establish convents in larger cities. It follows that 'our study should principally and zealously be directed to this, that we may be of help to the souls of our neighbours.'"

This video first appeared on the Lumen Christi Institute website 

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