Friday, February 15, 2013

Irish Cabra Dominican sisters receive two novices.

Irish Dominican Vocations sends congratulations and best wishes to our sisters of the Cabra congregation who recently received (January 6th) two women into their novitiate programme. The Vocations Ireland website has this report on the happy event:

Eileen O'Connell seen here playing the guitar at the Knockadoon Music and Liturgy course is from Maglin, near Ballincollig, Co Cork. She entered the Dominican Novitiate in Tallaght on 6th January 2013. Her comment on her first month as a Novice was, "It's been a bit like a rollercoaster, with lots of ups and downs, new surroundings and new experiences.... but I am hanging in there as it has mostly been positive."
Eileen worked in a preschool, both as a Toddler Session Room Leader and one-to-one as Personal Assistant to a child with a disability. Previously, she worked in UCC, both as tutor on an Adult Continuing Education Diploma course (Diploma in Disability Studies) and through the Disability Support Service as Educational Support Worker and Tutor to disabled students."

Deirdre Gordon from South County Dublin also entered on 6th January.
"Interesting but challenging", is her comment on her first month as a Novice in Tallaght. Deirdre was at school with the Dominican Sisters in Dun Laoghaire. She worked for her local Credit Union before she started the Novitiate.

To learn more about the vocation, life and ministry of the Dominican sisters of the Cabra congregation, visit their website at

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