Thursday, April 4, 2013

New York Times features 'Irish Dominican Vocations'

 Left to right: Br Matthew Farrell, fr Gerard Dunne and Br Adam Conroy

The modest growth in the number of new vocations to our province has been featured in a recently published New York Times article. The author Doreen Caravajal made contact many months ago with a view to researching an article on vocations in Europe and became interested in our 'good news' story.

It's probably true to say that most in church circles are somewhat suspicious of journalists and the media in general - afraid of how they might portray us. I've long been annoyed by this attitude - if we have something to say, let's say it and get on with it. We can't always have it our own way!

In any case, Doreen was the epitome of professionalism and anxious to have correct information - and a very warm person as well. The end product is quite good too - though I don't think I'll ever get used to being called a human resources recruiter any time soon!
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