Monday, July 29, 2013

Blog reader makes first profession with Nashvile Dominican Sisters

Sr Caitriona on the day of her habit reception

An Irish woman from County Wexford has made profession with the Nashville Dominican sisters. Originally known as Clare Kavanagh and now Sr Caitriona (her religious name) she has completed her novitiate with the Tennessee based sisters.

Irish Dominican Vocations wishes to warmly congratulae Sr Caitriona on the occasion of this happy event, and there is a second reason to do so. It was through reading this story on this blog that caused Clare to give consideration to joining the sisters.

That blog entry in 2011 posed the question about the need for a female religious congregation in Ireland that would attract women (and there are many) who do not necessarily wish to live the contemplative life or apostolic religious life as it is lived in Ireland today. That need still remains. Hopefully, a corageous congregation will offer themselves to the Irish church and that the relevant authorities will be open to that possibility.
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