Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vocations prayer initiative in Saint Dominic's parish Tallaght

Our ongoing prayer initiative for vocations to the Dominican family in Ireland recently arrived at the parish church of Saint Dominic in Tallaght (pictured above). Saint Dominic's is one of three parish churches staffed by Dominican friars in the Tallaght area.

The vocations prayer campaign is now in its third year having visited almost all of the Dominican churches throughout Ireland since its launch in January 2012. While there is a strong emphasis on vocations to the friars in this initiaitive, no opportunity has been lost to promote the vocation of the Dominican laity, sisters and nuns - a fact that is appreciated by the Dominican family in Ireland I hope!

The specially commissioned icon of Saint Dominic which is the focus for this prayer invitation to all who attend our churches will remain in the parish of Saint Dominic's, Tallaght for the coming weeks.

Future locations for the prayer initiative include Saint Magdalen's, Drogheda, Saint Saviour's Dublin and Siena monastery in Drogheda where the initiative was launched.

Please pray for the continued success of this campaign of prayer which has captured the imagination of so many that men and women will be inspired to answer the call of the Lord to live the life of a Dominican in Ireland.

Icon of Saint Dominic - the focus of the prayer initiative

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