Sunday, March 30, 2014

International meeting of Dominican vocation promoters and formators

I am currently at a meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri of Dominican vocations promoters and formators from the four American provinces, Argentina, England and Canada. These days have been devoted to sharing our experiences and ideas with a view to looking forward to how we can best serve those who are considering a vocation to the Order and also how to accompany more effectively our brothers in formation.

It has been a very fraternal and helpful meeting for all us - with a real sense of solidarity between our respective provinces and the work that we are tasked to do on behalf of the Order in our countries.

We do not often ask for your prayers for our work as vocation directors or formators, but as we spend this time reflecting on doing the work of the Lord, perhaps you could spare a prayer for all us. We need them as indeed the Order does too.

(Thanks to fr Benedict Croell OP for use of the picture above)

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