Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A tribute to Fr Noel Meade OP (RIP)


Fr Noel Meade OP of our Galway community died a month ago. Fr Noel spent much of his Dominican life as a missionary in South America. The picture above and the brief tribute below is from Radio Saint Dominic, which fr Noel was instrumental in setting up.

RSD (Radio Saint Dominic) reports the birth to the Lord who in life was fr. Noel Meade, O.P.

This morning (March 3rd, 2014) we heard of the death of fr. Noel Meade, O.P. Fr. Meade - one of the inspirations of the creation of this radio station - has died at the age of 71. His death was triggered by health problems he suffered for the past 3 years; in the last 6 days he was operated on 4 occasions.

Fr. Noel Meade was born in Ireland on 9 December 1942. He worked as pastor of the parish St. Peter from 2001 until 2004. Belonging to the province of Ireland, he spent 2 years in this country then left Chimbote and then worked for 4 years in Uruguay.

Today RSD pays tribute to this great man who gave his unconditional and selfless support to us.
We pray that fr. Noel Meade is resting in peace.

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