Friday, August 1, 2014

English diocese leads the way with ambitious framework for vocations

Recently, the English Roman Catholic diocese of Lancaster published a Diocesan Vocations Framework. It may not be that newsworthy to many, but to my mind, it is the most comprehensive attempt by a diocese in England or Ireland to describe in detail how that diocese will set about the task of promoting and nurturing vocations.

Interestingly, it is unashamedly a framework for promoting priestly vocations in the diocese, and yet mindful of the baptismal call of all. In terms of promoting vocations, primacy is given to prayer and prayer events along with a strong emphasis on the 'new media' and online presence. The framework also highlights the ongoing care of seminarians and sets out clear and distinct roles and responsibilities for those who are charged with the vocations portfolio in the Lancaster diocese.

The diocese is to be complimented for producing a clear and decisive 'roadmap' for the promotion and nurturing of vocations. It is recommended reading for dioceses in Ireland and England along with their religious counterparts. You can access the document here.

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