Thursday, July 19, 2007

General Chapter 2007

Chapters in the Dominican Order define our system of government. Each community and province has a chapter to decide on how our communities and provinces are governed. Chapters also, at defined times elect superiors. The Order worldwide too organises General Chapters at particular times, generally every three to four years. Since Tuesday (July 17, 2007) the provincials of the various provinces throughout the world, along with some others appointed to join them and the Master of the Order, are meeting in Bogota, Colombia (see pic) to discuss, discern and make decisions about the work, ministry and life of the Order worldwide for the next few years.

General Chapters are the supreme legislative body of the Order when they are in session, and their conclusions have implications for all the brothers of the Order worldwide. Let us pray for our brother provincials at this important time. You can follow some of the deliberations in Bogota by visiting

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