Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Happenings...........

It's hard to believe that it is summertime in Ireland. We have had the most atrocious weather during June, and July has been very wet so far. It makes one think of sunny and warmer climates. But, we Irish are the eternal optimists......so the weather can only get better, can't it?With the admissions process for this year concluded (almost!), it is time to turn thoughts towards the next academic year. While this vocations director will take a break at intervals during the next couple of months, it will also be a busy time. These summer weeks are given over to planning activities for the next twelve months. I hope to arrange:

schedule of visits to third level institutions for vocation promotion purposes.
dates and venues for vocations weekends.
ongoing visits and meetings with the many interested candidates.
meetings with Catholic youth movements.
a new website for Irish Dominican vocations.
visits to Dominican communities throughout Ireland to keep vocation promotion as a priority at local level.

All the above are priority during this summer period. In the meantime, I hope readers of this blog will continue to assist these most important tasks by praying for the success of and the blessing of God on all that we do.

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