Friday, June 6, 2008

Interviews for Admission to the Novitiate

The interview process to admit candidates (postulants) to the novitiate of the Irish province are scheduled to take place over a three day period i.e. June 16th to 18th 2008. Those applying to join the novitiate programme will have been in contact with me for at least one year and generally for a longer period than that. This element of discernment and period of accompianment constitutes postulancy in the Irish province of Dominicans. The men who will present themselves for admission will also have had some experience of Dominican life during that period of postulancy.
The interview process is the final stage of discernment in which candidates are interviewed by a panel of Dominicans (the admissions board). They are also assessed by suitably qualified professionals in the psychological field who assist the admissions board in their deliberations. If the candidate is successful, the admissions board recommend that he be accepted. It is the Provincial who then admits a candidate to the novitiate.

This is a very important step in the journey of those whose desire to become Dominicans in the Irish Province. The process is one that always has prayer at the core of all the deliberations. It is because of this that I ask those who read this blog entry to pray particularly for the men who will apply to join our novitiate this year, but also to remember those involved in the decision making process. May the spirit of wisdom be with all and may our Holy Father Saint Dominic intercede for us.


Rob said...

I will keep up my prayers for the Irish Province but of course i will keep up prayers for those who will be applying to join the Noviate! As i plan to do it one day as well...God willing!

Paul said...

This is an important time of the year for the province. I pray that the Spirit of the Lord - who ensures that his harvest is never without its workers - will guide thier hearts and minds of the applicants in these days