Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yet Another Happy Event!

Yesterday, it was my great joy to attend the first profession of a Redempterostine nun, Sr Lucy Conway OSsR (pictured above), at their monastery in Saint Alphonsus Road in Dublin 9. The nuns at the monastery are neighbours of mine and I celebrate the Eucharist for them regularly. Sr Lucy's profession follows on from the recent first profession in the same community of Sr Maura Walsh. As you can imagine this event is one of significant importance to this enclosed contemplative community. I am deep in admiration for these nuns who four or five years ago had no vocations and were facing a very uncertain future. Their commitment to prayer and a deep desire to attract vocations has resulted in the fact that this community of thirteen nuns now has five of its members in formation. This is a truly remarkable achievement and a reminder to all religious orders, congregations, societies and dioceses in this country that if there is a will and a deep desire to foster, nourish and attract vocations then tremendous things can happen.

These nuns are doing the Irish church an extraordinary service by the living of their lives but more especially in brining hope to us in their work of vocations promotion.
Sr Lucy, an Offaly woman, had been in the teaching profession before joining the Redemptoristines. I wish her every blessing on her profession and on the community. You can visit the website of the nuns here.

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