Monday, August 23, 2010

Redemptoristine Vocations Strategy Continues To Bear Fruit

Sr Monica Boggan OSsR makes profession

The Redemptoristine community, based at Saint Alphonsus Monastery in Drumcondra, Dublin 9 had cause for celebration on Saturday last (August 21st, 2010) when Sr Monica Boggan OSsR (pictured above) made her first profession. The event is all the more significant because this is the fourth such profession celebrated by this contemplative community in the heart of Dublin in as many years.

The fact that Sr Monica makes profession at this time is testament to the efforts of the Dublin Rerdemptoristines in their ongoing vocations strategy: namely by letting the world know of their existence and their place in the Church, but also by using every means possible at their disposal to attract vocations. It continues to be of interest to me and many other vocation directors how the Redemptoristines and other such female monastic/contemplative orders are attracting vocations at a far higher rate than apostolic religious sisters. One of the conclusions that we come to is that these monastic/contemplative communities have a very strong identity, have a specific apostolate, have lives centred on communal worship and prayer and are visible.

The Redemptoristines have an attractive website which is Worth a look!

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