Monday, September 6, 2010

Profile of fr Bruno Cadore OP - Master General

Elected yesterday, our new Master General, fr Bruno CadorĂ© was born in 1954 in Le Creusot, a town in the Bourgogne region of France, between Lyon and Dijon. After becoming a medical doctor, he entered the novitiate of the Dominican province of France in 1979 and made profession in September 1980. He was ordained priest in Lille exactly six years later and was immediately made master of students. Fr Bruno held several positions of responsibility in the province of France and he was coming to the conclusion of his second term as prior provincial of the same province when he was elected Master of the Order. His area of academic interest is bioethics and he received his doctorate in moral theology in 1992. He was director of the Medical Ethics Centre of the Catholic Institute of Lille before becoming provincial of the province of France.

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Marilyn said...

How providential! Father Bruno Cadore OP... a medical doctor. How we need his preaching for life! Preach the truth to all nations, Father Cadore!
-a Dominican Laity professed