Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dominican Quotes (1)

Here is the first in a brief series of some of my favourite quotes by eminent Dominicans that might help you in the task of discovering God's call in your life:

There are two ways of keeping God's word, namely, one whereby we store in our memory what we hear, and the other whereby we put into practice what we have heard (and none will deny that the latter is more commendable, inasmuch as it is better to sow grain than to store it in the barn). - Blessed Jordan of Saxony

One cannot share with others what one does not have in oneself -Saint Catherine of Siena

Those who do not love God, do not know how good He is. - Saint Rose of Lima

Nothing has been told to us by God as a matter for remembrance, it is committed to us as a means to achieve the higher life. - Bede Jarret OP

Behold my children, the heritage I leave you: have Charity for one another, guard Humility, make your treasure out of voluntary Poverty. - Saint Dominic's Last Will and Testament

I am Yours, and I desire to belong to You alone. I will be eternally faithful to You, and I desire to lay down my life for You. - Saint Rose of Lima

Prayer is the voice of desire. - Saint Thomas Aquinas

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