Monday, April 18, 2011

Irish Dominican Vocations is Rome bound!

To my great surprise, I learned over the weekend that this blogger is one of the 150 chosen to attend the first international meeting of Catholic bloggers in Rome on May 2nd next. The event is designed to coincide with the beatification celebrations for Pope John Paul II and is hosted by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

It is, of course, a great honour to be chosen to attend the event. There are many well known Catholic bloggers attending including Roderick Vonhogen, Katrina Ebersole, Lisa Hendley, Rocco Palmo and many others. I am delighted to be joined at the event by Fr Gabriel Burke, of the diocese of Cloyne. As far as I know, we are the only Irish representatives at the meeting. You can see the full list of those invited here.

This blog is primarily a tool to promote vocations to the the Irish Province of Dominican friars. But as with all other blogs, there is an ulterior motive because I believe that blogs such as this can and should be used to promote the Gospel and to fulfill the important role in the Church of witnessing to Christ. Blogs such as this one are often the first point of contact for vocational enquirers but also for the many who question their faith. It is in that context that this blog and similar ones should be a pointer to the love of God for all humanity. So, blogging is not just about imparting news, it is also concerned with a more profound reality - the desire to know God more intimately.
I have been humbled by all the good wishes offered by many on hearing this news. I hope to keep you posted when the time comes - from Rome!


Anonymous said...

Father best of luck with the Conference. There is indeed another Irish blogger on the list:

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Congratulations on being chosen.. Yes, we have to use the internet to proclaim the gospel. Even if only person reads a particular item and is touched by the Holy Spirit, that is one more person than if we hadn't posted anything.

I know that some read my blog and also, which I edit here in the Philippines on behalf of the Columbans. I also inform peole of posts through Facebook. Some blogs attract many who comment, others not so. But your post here indicates that you have many 'quiet' readers' May God continue to bless our efforts to proclaim the Gospel.

Dominican Contemplative Nuns - Elmira, NY said...

Congratulations to you! As fellow Dominicans, the nuns express great joy and pride at your success. Especially as you are the only Dominican chosen. Enjoy the time in Rome and use it also as an opportunity to preach the Gospel especially to the young and remember to tell them of our Contemplative monasteries. Keep up the Lord's work.
God Bless!