Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Irish Dominican friars to launch new 'prayer for vocations' initiative.

Irish Dominican Vocations is happy to announce a new prayer initiative which will be launched during the summer. Having commissioned an icon of Saint Dominic (pictured above) some time back, it is now complete and will provide the focus for this new prayer effort. The hope is to bring the icon to all the various churches and centres that that the Dominican friars have in Ireland for approximately a month at a time, inviting those who attend to set aside a period of time to pray specifically for Dominican vocations. It will also get our supporters and those attending our churches to think of praying regularly for vocations to the Order.

New prayer cards for vocations and posters will be available in the various locations as a help and guide for those involved in this new prayer initiative.

Irish Dominican Vocations is deeply indebted to the Redemptoristine nuns in Drumcondra, Dublin who accepted the commissioning of the icon and also to renowned iconographer Mihai Cucu.

Through the intercession of Saint Dominic, may this new initiative bear fruit.

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