Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dominican vocations prayer initiative moves to Dundalk

 Mass-goers in St Malachy's Dominican church, Dundalk, admire the icon of Saint Dominic
Having launched the Dominican vocations prayer initiative in Siena monastery in Drogheda last month, the icon accompanying the prayer initiative arrived at our Dominican church of Saint Malachy in Anne Street, Dundalk this weekend. There was a very enthusiastic reception from those who worship in our church there and many of them have undertaken to pray for vocations to the Order on a regular basis. The icon of Saint Dominic, which has been specially commissioned, was very well received and as the focus of prayer will remain in Dundalk for the next four weeks. The most encouraging remark from my weekend visit to our church was from a woman who said that she had never been directly asked to pray for vocations before - but that she will do now with her family because of our invitation to prayer.

Saint Malachy's Dominican church, Dundalk, Co. Louth
Our ongoing efforts to encourage prayer for Dominican vocations has prompted a good deal of interest from other religious orders in Ireland along with media enquiries  in the areas that the icon has already visited. Please continue to pray for the success of this venture.

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