Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homily for the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas

On Saturday 28th last, the community at our studium at Saint Saviour's Priory, Dominick Street in Dublin celebrated the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas. During the Mass to celebrate the feast day, the regent of studies of the Irish Dominican province, fr John Harris OP, preached the homily. In it he emphasised the importance of the Eucharist for Saint Thomas and our preparation for the International Eucharistic congress to be held in Dublin this year.

"To sit with him only at our desks and not to kneel with Saint Thomas in adoration is to fail to know Aquinas or to practice seriously the art of theology".

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daibhi said...

Thanks father, wonderful homily. makes a wonderful preparation for the morning mass to have heard your words. also sent me back to searching for the words of the st thomas mass, and its wonderful hymnology. le buiochas , Daibhi

Ps I liked the Patrick Pye paintings at the front of the church. must call to see them when i next get to Dublin