Monday, June 4, 2012

Irish Dominican Friars - Provincial Chapter 2012

 Saint Mary's Dominican Priory, Tallaght, Co. Dublin.

The 2012 Provincial Chapter of the Irish Dominican friars runs from today, June 4th 2012.

Taking place in St Mary's Priory, Tallaght, Dublin 24 (pictured above; link to the priory's website:, thirty members of the province, comprising some local superiors and other brothers elected democratically as delegates, will take part in the chapter which is due to elect a new provincial at the conclusion of Fr Patrick Lucey's two terms in that position.

The chapter will also include a brief "assembly" of all the brothers of the province who wish to take part in it as a lead-in discussion before the work of the chapter begins in earnest.

A provincial chapter, which in every province of the Dominican Order is usually held every four years, not only elects a new provincial, it makes appointments to some of the major positions in the province such as the Regent of Studies, the Moderators of local centres of studies, Masters of students and novices, bursar (concerned with economic matters) of the province, Director of Vocations, among others.

It is also possible for a provincial chapter to choose to discuss and make decisions on important projects and developments, new ventures or to discontinue some present endeavours.

Please pray for the success of the 2012 Irish Dominican provincial chapter.

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