Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just Published: 'In The Grip Of Light' - Paul Murray OP

Irish Dominican friar, Paul Murray OP, has just published his latest book. Entitled In The Grip of Light - The Dark And Bright Journey Of Christian Contemplation this latest work by fr Paul draws attention to the wisdom and experience of those men and women in the Christian tradition who have come close to the presence of God. Drawing on the writings of authors of Saint Catherine of Siena, John of the Cross, Meister Eckhart and Teresa of Avila he charts how their words can, in some way, explain the nature of the experience of the presence of God and how their writings can speak to our generation.

Fr Paul is a prolific author in the area of spiritual theology, is a renowned authority on T S Eliot and the author of many collections of poetry. This latest book is based on public lectures given in London, Washington and Oxford. The final chapter of the book on contemplative prayer in the Dominican tradition will appeal to Dominicans everywhere. That chapter deals with the beginnings of Dominican spirituality and will help the reader to, as fr Paul says, to have 'that near compulsion to pass on to others things we ourselves have contemplated (which) should be a notable characteristic of every Dominican.'

This excellent book is published by Bloomsbury and is available in Ireland through Veritas bookshops.

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