Thursday, September 11, 2008

Provincial Chapter 2008

The Provincial Chapter of the Irish Dominican friars is now in its second week of deliberations. For relevant updates on the work of the chapter, please take a look at the 'news and events' section of the provincial website.

The provincial chapter meets every four years to reflect on the life and ministry of the friars and also to plan for the coming four years. The chapter has designated six areas of our life for particular consideration. They are: (1) Government, (2) Our Future (resources and manpower), (3) Vocations, Formation and Studies, (4) Preaching, Mission and Collaboration, (5) Care of the Brethren, the sick and the elderly and (6) Finances. While these areas will receive much attention, the chapter will also deal with other matters that it deems important and necessary.

When the chapter has concluded its work, brothers elected as difinitors, will assist the provincial in writing the acts of the chapter which must be approved by the Master of the Order.

The brothers at chapter elected (for a second consecutive term) fr Pat Lucey OP as Provincial. Our prayers and good wishes go to him.
The picture accompanying this post is of the brethren and some invited guests at the opening days of the chapter when all the friars of the province were invited to participate in discussions relating to the provincial chapter.
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