Saturday, September 13, 2008

Your Prayers Please......

Please remember Hugh, John and Joseph who will receive the habit of the Dominican Order tomorrow (September 14th - The Triumph of the Cross). Please also remember Brothers Luuk, Matthew and Colm who will make first profession in the Order on Monday (September 15th - Our Lady of Sorrows) and finally to bring before the Lord our brothers Brian, Maurice and Dennis who will make solemn profession on Monday also.

As you pray for them, it would be good to ask Saint Dominic to intercede for them and for the Irish Dominicans. The following words of the 'O Lumen Ecclesiae' (Light of the Church), a hymn to Saint Dominic, are more than appropriate:

Light of the Church,
Teacher of Truth,
Rose of Patience,
Ivory of Chastity,
You freely poured forth the waters of Wisdom.
Preacher of Grace, unite us with the Blessed.