Thursday, January 29, 2009

The 87 year old Dominican rosary blogger!

Fr Gabriel Harty OP (pictured above) is writing a blog on the rosary! Gabriel, a member of our Irish Dominican province has spent at least fifty years promoting devotion to the rosary. For many years, he was Promoter for the Rosary for the Irish Dominicans. A much sought after preacher and author on Mary, the mother of God, he has been a strong influence on the lives and vocations of many Dominicans in the Irish province, including this blogger! Gabriel's dedication and devotion to the holy rosary is infectious and he has changed the attitude of many to this very powerful prayer.

Gabriel is now in his 88th year. I am delighted to see his blog. It just goes to show that fr Gabriel hasn't changed. All through his life he was trying to find new ways of preaching about the rosary. Now he is using his blog to bring the message of the rosary to a new audience. He is to be commended for that. You can see his blog at

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