Saturday, January 31, 2009

Year of Vocation - February 2009: Focus on Religious Life

The Year of Vocation in the Catholic church in Ireland continues. A theme or focus for each month from April 2008 to May 2009 had been suggested by the organisers of this year. The theme for February 2009 is the vocation to religious life. I realise that there are some events planned in some parts of the country to celebrate and recognise the work done by the various religious orders. But many of these events have been ongoing for some years now.

While one does not wish to be critical, I think it is fair to ask (with only three full months to go to complete this Year of Vocation) a few questions of those who have been charged with leading and guiding this specially designated year. (1) Why has communication from the Year of Vocation Office stopped? (2) Why has the specially designated website for the year not been updated for several months now? (3) Where has the impetus and energy that greeted the opening of the Year of Vocation gone? (4) Dioceses, religious orders and others were asked last year to subscribe financially to this effort. Has the money been well spent? (5) Is it the fact that the Year of Vocation was so broad based in outlook that it has completely failed to capture the imagination? I would like to hear some responses........

Just for balance, I realise that some organisations, orders and dioceses have made some efforts to be creative around the Year of Vocation but from my perspective it looks like a drop in the ocean in what might have been achieved. What a pity.
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